Phil Saglembeni
Lead Vocals/Band Leader
"Phil Sings"
Phil Saglembeni (Lead Male Vocalist) Phil’s music career started back in the Willingboro, NJ school system where he was a member of the award winning Willingboro HS Jazz Band. He started out playing the drums in elementary school when a friend who he met in second grade told him he was signing up for drum lessons and ask if Phil would be interested. Little did he know that he would fall in love with something that would never leave his heart and stay with him forever. As Phil grew up in his families Willingboro style colonial, he was always surrounded by music. He would sit in the living room as his Mother played the piano and was always in aw to see his Mother with such incredible talent. Phil also spent time listening to the sound of his Father’s music as the bass echoed from the adjoining den walls when his father relaxed from a hard days work. It’s often he wondered why he had such a love for Jazz but when he thinks back to those sleepless nights listening to the likes of Count Bassi, Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich, Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass, Maynard Ferguson and many other jazz greats pear through the thin walls he realizes that his dad had a major impact on his musical career.

As Phil played in school band and moved on to junior high school and high school he continued to play percussion, as music became an internal fire within his heart. As he entered high school he realized he was part of one of the top music programs in North America, the fellow musicians he had the pleasure of performing with had a vital impact on his career later on in life, but at that time he was just enjoying the high he got from performing with so many talented friends and musicians. In his junior year in high school Phil received the Best Jazz Drummer award at the Ramapo state jazz competition for a conga and bongo solo he performed. The entire Willingboro jazz band swept all the section awards and also won the top honors as Best Jazz band for that year and many to follow. In that same year, 1977, the top members of the jazz band decided to put together a Chicago band since that was the era of Chicago’s greatest music. The band members thought of many names but had originally named the band “Society”, I member suggested to name the band “Sounds Of Society” and they all settled on that name. With few performances in the Willingboro area the band disbanded as members from the current graduating year went on to college. Phil always had a deep passion and love for that band and that desire would stay within his heart for many years to follow
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